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Find a vehicle that suits your needs today. Always in the same place.

First I start using it - imagine a 55+ year old lady - now my daughter also uses it. I am very proud of that 😉

– Ruth H.

This is really fun for kids. Especially when the weather is good or if you've forgotten something, we can go shopping together on the cargo bike instead of taking the car.

– Alexander J

So far I have mainly used the sharing car, but I can easily imagine making my summer visits with the cargo bike.

– Nesbie K.

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Some of the housing companies we are working with

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Personal introduction to Carré World

Unlock mobility for your tenants

We enable our housing company customers to generate additional revenue by providing sustainable mobility

Save up to 50% of parking infrastructure cost

Saving parking infrastructure costs opens up space for more sustainable development.

Smooth journey towards Green Certificate with Carré

We help to get a positive (one could also say gold-shimmering) DGNB certification.

Add shared mobility as a service available for your tenants

Fast-forward the process of implementing shared mobility solution in residential areas or smaller cities.

We’re a startup here to stay

Meet the team behind Carré

Franziska Weiser

Franziska Weiser

Founder & CEO

Studied industrial engineering (M. Eng.) with 10 years of professional experience in the mobility sector. She is the idea generator, founder and managing director of Carré Mobility.

Aaron Knebel

Aaron Knebel

Head of User Experience

As a technical sociologist, at the interface between app development and customer support, he ensures, among other things, that the Carré app remains inclusive and easy to use for as many people as possible.

Julian König

Julian König

Quartier- & Sales Manager

Equipped with many years of experience in the area of ​​neighborhood management, he takes care of the care of residents in Rüsselsheim’s neighborhoods and is in close contact with local partner companies and organizations.

Sara van Huet

Sara van Huet

Social Media Manager

With a bachelor’s degree in psychology and diverse experience in the social media sector, she takes care of Carré Mobility’s social networks.

Łukasz Lenda

Łukasz Lenda

CPTO | joining in March

IOT and mobility passionate with 13 years of IT experience. Previously worked as Director of Engineering.

Michał Krztoń

Michał Krztoń

Founding Product Designer

Founding Product Designer with a diverse background (startups, corporate, freelance, and agencies) and a special affinity for early-stage products. Currently working as an Interim Product Design Lead at Blinkist.

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